Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Family Vacation - pt.1 Chocolate World!

Matthew finally got to go to Chocolate World (known in the real world as Hershey). After weeks of looking at pictures online and talking about the trip we were off. After 6 or so hours on the road we arrived at the campground, which was very nice. We set up and went to check out Chocolate World, the visitor's center/store at Hershey. We all rode the simulated factory tour and had dinner at the Kit Kat Cafe. Grammy got her birthday present - a morning at the Spa with me! The next morning Mike, the boys, my dad and the triplets went to the amusement park while mom and I went over to the hotel and spa - WOW! It was amazing -quiet rooms, a bathroom I got lost in (3 times), amazing views of the gardens and bowls of Hershey Kisses in every room. I loved my Chocolate body scrub, massage and mojito pedicure and mom was equally pleased with her facial, chocolate massage and sweet hands manicure. It was a great morning. We spent the next two days at the amusement park which was a lot of fun. Matthew rode everything in site over and over with no fear. The water park was really nice but it was a little cool out that day. We had a wonderful time at Hershey... part 2 Philly to come soon!

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Anonymous said...

Look how stinkin cute the Fallis?Kinison clan is! Looks like you had fun! I am very jealous of the Philly trip! I want to go there so much! Talk soon!